Chun-chan Sparrows!/HEART to HEART series


A sparrow is watching me!

He (or she) is begging me some grains of rice.

With the waking up early in the morning,

I’m going to put some grains of rice on the plate.

However, this sparrow seems to be interested in a human being, not rice.



The mother of the child is observing him, which were walking around the ground.



The mother sparrow tries to approach her child.

Even though they are tiny creatures, they have full of love in their heart.



One of sparrows are also looking at me among the branches.



I’m writing HEART to HEART (108 stories)

which appearing many creatures like Sparrow, Cat, Crow, Raccoon dog and so on.

Now, this story spreads all over the world little by little.

I hope that people feel happier through HEART to HEART.


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