The Beginning Of The Star(11)/English


About Mr. Triangle(3)


“There’s nothing that has the same shape as mine in this world.”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

“There is nothing that has the same shape as mine in the world.”

There are many kinds of countries and people in the world.

When people gather one by one, they also bring many ideas.

Even if you cannot have your wish granted all by yourself,

there are many ways to come out well by some advices from others.

If you cannot get a good idea, then ask someone humbly.

 They will let you know the good ideas.

A fairy said to Mr. Triangle,

“Having a heart means being considerate of others.”

You will feel relieved a little bit when you realize everybody has a different heart.

If you don’t seek the same opinions to others,

you might put yourself in another place.

“I don’t understand what you are saying.”

Mr. Triangle starts thinking about her.


The works of Ray Kamijo

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