The Beginning Of The Star(7)/English


About Mr. Triangle(2)



Mr. Triangle said :

“You and I will be best friends, because we have the same shapes.

The same appearance is essential.”

He tries to tell a fairy with seven colors about his feeling.

But the fairy doesn’t understand what he said.

Mr. Triangle thinks that it’s hard to make himself to be understood to others. 

If the world were only his, he would not have to worry about others.

He tried not to think of her but he cannot.

Mr. Triangle said:

“You have my white and black colors, so I’m a part of you.”

He is waiting for her answer.

He wants to know her real feeling about him.

He didn’t care his heart and others before,

but now he starts thinking other’s feeling to have a good partner.


(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

The works of Ray Kamijo



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