The beginning Of The Star(5)/English



About Mr. Circle(2)


“My name is Mr. Circle because my shape is round.”
He wonders where is the same shape as his.

He has continued to find the same shape for a long time.

He doesn’t want to stop looking for it.

Finally, he sees a circle with seven colors.

He wants to be friends with her.

But she doesn’t have a heart as his.

Even if they have the same shape, they don’t always have the same heart.

Having the same shape doesn’t mean having the same heart.”

(Quotation from e-book of  “The Beginning Of The Star”)

Each shapes has a different heart.

Heart has different feelings.

What does it mean “the same thing”?

By knowing different ideas and concepts,

we can be united all over the world.

Each lives begin to learn different ideas and decide which road to be taken.

Mr. Circle has still been looking for someone and he says,

” Where is the same shape like me?”

Finally, he finds very important things.


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