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Just like tiny flowers


With bathing the sun through the window, small plants look happy.

I greet them, “Good morning!” and they seem to answer me, “Yes!”.

The season is about to change from spring to summer.

Tiny leaves came into bud without being noticed.

A new life is continually growing up towards the sun.


If we move forward just like flowers, how happy we are!

If we don’t compare with others, everything will be much brighter than before.

When we listen to inside of heart and enjoy our life that we feel different from others,

we might be able to grow up straightly with no doubt about our own lives.



By accepting opposite colors


I like a white color which means purity.

On the other hand,

I’m also interested in a black one.

Black is such a deep color that it makes a white one more shining.

Though white and black give opposite impression on me,

when they connect with each other,

they show an expected shape by the way of seeing.

We might be able to change our mind and heart just like these two colors.

I want to know more who I am.

I know to realize what I am.

Those colors teach me how important to accept opposite aspects.


The Beginning Of The Star /Afterword

The Beginning Of The Star

【The Beginning Of The Star】


“The little Prince” was my inspiration for writing this story.

“The little Prince” taught me how important real love and bonds of affection are.

In this story the transparent star found its place by earnestly searching for it.

The reason he could make this trip was that he realized that

his role was to help others to learn to love.


Each person has his own personality.

This personality is a spacial gift which should be developed.

It is said to give up only because things do not go as you want them to and

you think you are worthless when you compare yourself with others.

There is something which only you can do but if you do not like yourself,

you can never open up your heart to others.


I hope this book will help you to lead your own life without trying to imitate others.

You can shine brighter than any star if you are truly happy.

This is the gift of “The little Prince”.

Begin by opening up your heart.

This should not be difficult to do.

Just breathe and start looking into your heart.

Finally, all children and everyone can make their own way in the world by developing

their personalities and taking pride in their work.