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The Beginning Of The Star/Introduction



From “The Beginning Of The Star” by Ray Kamijo



It takes a long time for things to mature. This process is very noble and precious.

It is not easy to open your heart, but if you open it, the people around you will open theirs.

Each person who lives in this world exists to help someone else.

Even if someone hurts you in school or at a meeting and you are suffering because of this,

there is something waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Even if you feel that the tunnel is very long,

there is surely something important waiting for you that only you can do. 

You are a very important person.













1) He is a man of a great ability(=a very able man).

2) The matter is of no importance(=not important).

3) She spoke Chinese with great fluency(=very fluently).

4) The road is icy, so take care(=be careful).

5) You are at liberty (=free) to leave any time.





Chun-chan Sparrows!/HEART to HEART series


A sparrow is watching me!

He (or she) is begging me some grains of rice.

With the waking up early in the morning,

I’m going to put some grains of rice on the plate.

However, this sparrow seems to be interested in a human being, not rice.



The mother of the child is observing him, which were walking around the ground.



The mother sparrow tries to approach her child.

Even though they are tiny creatures, they have full of love in their heart.



One of sparrows are also looking at me among the branches.



I’m writing HEART to HEART (108 stories)

which appearing many creatures like Sparrow, Cat, Crow, Raccoon dog and so on.

Now, this story spreads all over the world little by little.

I hope that people feel happier through HEART to HEART.


As long as one desires.



When spring comes,

everything looks so bright and shining.

Things which we can see look more colorful and bright

as if they woke up from the long hibernation.


“Journey of Life” has published in Amazon on April 11, 2013.

The students who are majoring Japanese in Belmont University

translated Japanese poems by Ray Kamijo into beautiful English ones.

Two languages spread out to the big sky over boundaries.

just like flowers come into bud bathing in the sun.


If we keep desiring dreams in our heart,

a road that we haven’t expected plain flowers.

Not only bright flowers, but also plain flowers are equal to get sunshine

from the sun every day.


Wealthy qualities exist not outside of appearance, but inside of each heart

whether we can keep desiring dreams to come true.



“Journey of Life”/詩の世界









先日、”Journey of Life”がAmazonから発売され、










It depends on each heart.


Short poems and sayings include deep meanings.

I found a good sentence in Sai Kon Tan.


When you really want to observe something,

keep looking at it until you thoroughly understand it.

This is how, for the first time,

you will be able to see not just what it appears to be,

but what it really is.


Things which one can see have many kinds of shapes.

If he thinks much of outside of shapes,

he is apt to lose a substance.

When he thinks and with our own heart,

and takes much time until he understands inside of things,

real things hidden in mist will appear.

The deeper he thinks, the more he will see the reality.



Journey of Life/Table of Contents

Journey of Life

Journey of Life

~ Poems from the Heart by Ray Kamijo ~

Translated by Belmont University Students of 2013 and Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

道…The Road… Translated by Luke Robertson

一歩ずつ…One Step at a Time …Translated by Erin Turberville

生き方…Way of Life…Translated by Kyle Jeffrey

いろんな道…Many Paths…Translated by Erin Turberville

見えなくても…Even if you can’t see…Translated by Christopher Richey

言霊…The Power of Words…Translated by Troy Grooms

感謝…Appreciation…Translated by Christopher Richey

豊かさの本質…Essence of Affluence…Translated by Kyle Jeffrey

心の鏡…Mirror of Your Heart…Translated by Luke Robertson

磁石…Magnet…Translated by Troy Grooms

星の数だけ…As many as there are Stars…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

Message from Ray Kamijo

Cover designer’s profile

Biographies from Belmont University Students of 2013 and Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

Journey of Life/Now for sale!

Journey of Life


“Journey of Life” has been published as of April 11, 2013.

It is composed of 11 poems originally made by Ray Kamijo,

which have been translated from Japanese into English

by the students of Translation Class at Belmont University.

They spent a great deal of time translating the poetic world of Ray Kamijo.

This Translation Class was possible with the supervision of Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

May “Journey of Life” help you shine like a precious stone,

with the miraculous power of language warming your heart.


Ray kamijo

(神上 玲)



“The Beginning Of The Star”/A Teaching material in USA

Paper book


The Beginning Of The star is now on sale on Amazon.

It is used as a teaching material in Moral Class and English Translation Class in America.

The story is about love and friendship.

We realize how important to understand the difference among ourselves.

It might be hard to know that you are quite different from others.

However, thanks to that,

you can accept your own life and live with your own style.

Life is wonderful!

Life gives us many hints to move forward.

I made my debut as a writer, Ray Kamijo.

This book is the starting point for me.


Poem/Journey of Life

Journey of Life



“Journey of Life” is to be published before long from Amazon.

This poem is selected from “Road” and the students,

who major Japanese Translation Class in Belmont University,

translated Japanese poem by Ray Kamijo into English version.

Some poems and “The Beginning of The Star” made by Ray Kamijo

has been used since 2013 of January.

I hope that many stories are going to spread all over the world in the future.