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Poem/Road&Road 2


Japanese people learn to compose Tanka

(A Japanese poem of thirty-one syllables) and Haiku

(A Japanese poem of seventeen syllables), including rhymed verse.

I’m one of them.


Now, American students challenge to read my Japanese poem.

I heard that it would take one and half hours for them to translate only one or two lines.

I feel grateful to them for doing the course.


I received the message from a professor in America the other day.

“Some students asked me about ”a cup” written in your poem.

Does it mean a coffee cup or a glass cup for you?”


Many students establish their own thoughts and

try to express through innovative imaginations.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to get natural flow between two languages.

Their minds and souls slowly start connecting each other from miles away.



The Beginning Of The Star(1)/The origin of the spirit

This is the book, “The Beginning Of The Star”

which was being sold in Junkudo book stores.

Four years have passed since it was published.

Whenever I open the book,

I feel many different minds that I wrote it four years ago.

As one grows, he will change his own value and acquire more knowledge.

The way of writing will be also renewed by seeing through others.

I believe that the thought and mind

which form the basis of the person will never be changed.

Connecting one thing with others,

I wish that people will get delighted and feel happy more than before.

When I understand how much important people can smile,

I realized clearly what I should write and appreciated everything around me.

“The Beginning Of The Star” is the origin of my spirit.



The New Poem/”Road”(Vol.2)

Road 2


Road(Vol.2) has published in Amazon.

This poem is about life including philosophical elements about 20 titles.

Road(Vol.1) and Road(Vol.2) are being used as teaching materials

in the southern private University in America.

My Japanese poems will be translated by the American students.

Their English versions are to be published this spring through Amazon.

Road (Vol.3) should be the poem containing Japanese cultures.

I am filled with expectations for the new year to make many kinds of poem and stories.

Wish readers have happiness and prosperity this year.





























The law of attraction/A point of view:The present and the future


It is extremely important that you know where you are in relationship

to where you want to be in order to effectively move closer to where you want to be.

(Manifest your Desires P128)


In spite of pursuing good dreams,

when we face difficulties that can’t be overcome,

we might be obliged to give up our big dreams.

Dream makes us pull up our minds and souls.

Then we can be thankful for anything that we keep.

The present time is bound up the future time.

If we spend day after day thinking positively and appreciating for everything,

no matter what may happen,

I’m sure that unexpected good chances will visit all people in a well-timed responses.



The world between Japanese and English

It looks as high as me.

Though each branch grows towards his own direction,

it has only one root.

The other day, one of my American friends bought my books,

and he gave me some good comments including some advice that

I should be careful for writing stories.

When I translate the original Japanese religiously into English,

somehow I tend to write wordy  sentences, I don’t know why.

Getting so excited to adopt refined Japanese into English sentences,

I’m apt to forget simple expression.

The Translation Class has started since January 7, 2013.

“Road”,”Road 2″, and “The beginning Of The Star” are the teaching materials

used in the Southern University in America.

I feel delight to hear the good news, but

at the same time I feel also scared to step forward.

Because I know not only what is important for my book,

but also what is lacking of my words.

One day, one American professor said to me,

“We just want to grab your natural flow of Japanese.

The places which connect souls will share each life.”

Now, I ‘m stepping towards my dream that I have been longing for long years.



Chun-chan Sparrows!(21)/There comes the chubby Chun-chans!


Three sparrows are coming, heading to the backyard.

I fed much more grain of rice than yesterday.

They soon ate and gained weight in few minutes!

“No more rice!”

“That’s enough for today!”

I say to them many often, but they surely don’t know my words.

“Chun-chun, Chun-chun!!”

It sounds, “I want more!”



I call them chubby Chun-chan sparrows!”

They might stoop their body to keep warm and feel relaxed.

I feel safe and comfortable to see them in few minutes.

Their twitterings make me spread my heart and soul just like the blue sky.



Inner meaning of wealth/Learning from a flower


I found a tiny flower behind the street along many beautiful blooming flowers.

It blooms towards the sun.

It might not be said “beautiful” or something honorable words, either.

But it is in full bloom as long as it lasts.

Inner meaning of wealth doesn’t exists outside of the heart but  inside.

If you appreciate yourself as you are,

you can feel wealthy for everything around you.

Even though I can’t bloom beautifully like flowers,

I want to keep my heart pure and clean.

Because I believe that the essence of wealth must remain inside my heart. 


The law of attraction/Road ahead



Every subject is really two subjects:

There is that which you desire, and the lack of it.

Often–even when you believe you are thinking about something

that you desire —you are actually thinking about the exact opposite of what you desire.      

(Manifest your desires P74: inspirational quotes)


It says that we can go wherever we want by using a heart vibration.


we might wander about places which we didn’t want to on the way to the destination.

What is the desire?

What is the wish that comes true?

Through the test of time,

if one receives himself including his own defects,

he will surely be able to see the real road that he wishes.