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The Beginning Of The Star(9)/English


About Mr. Circle(3)


Circle only wants to look attractive.

(From “The beginning Of The Star”)

Mr.Circle said to the fairy with seven colors,

“I’m looking for those who have the same shape as I do.

Beautiful things make people happy.

Bright colors make us excited.

On the other hand,

there are beautiful things that we cannot express.

We cannot see a true heart easily.

It takes lots of time to know each other.

But when you realize a pure heart from others, 

You can see other’s sincerity.

Mr. Cirlce starts thinking of what a heart is.


The works of Ray Kamijo


The Beginning Of A Star (A New Edition)/「星のはじまり」




“The Beginning of the Star” takes you on a journey of five characters,

Circle, Triangle, Square, Diamond, and Star,

as they seek the true meaning of life.


Mr. Circle only focuses on the appearance of everything.

Mr. Triangle loves showing off what he has.

Mr. Square only wants to stand out more than others.

Mr. Diamond only makes friends when they are convenient to him.

Mr. Star is colorless and transparent, so no one can see where he is.



パブー出版(Puboo Edition)


































洋書から学ぶ英文和訳(2)/Heart vibration



“A belief is only a practiced vibration.”































English blog by Ray Kamijo



My favorite dictionaries!


This is my favorite place in my study.

The upper row has English Books, for example “Anne of Green Gables”.

The lower row has English dictionaries.



These six dictionaries have used for more than 20 years.

Every time I find new words,

I want to look up in the big dictionaries.

After checking the arrangement of each vocabulary,

I often recheck all words with definitions in English.



There are many words in the dictionary that I haven’t seen before.

Straying from the main topic so often,

I checked another words in the dictionary.

It’s the world connecting English grammar and tons of vocabularies.

Many books make me feel relieved.


Red one is a dictionary for junior high school students.

I love this dictionary because

it shows the meaning of the basics of each word.

I have many professional dictionaries, too.

It’s essential for me to examine the origin and application of each vocabulary.

The more I learn new words,

the more deeply I want to see the unknown world.

Dictionaries take me to the imaginative world.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo

With a smile in a simple life


Basking in the sun,

two dolphins and a flower are rolling from side to side.

I found those things in a 100 yen shop.

They make me smile every day.



These are “Noho-chan” that I bought a long time ago.

They are also smiling in my house every day.

Whenever I see someone’s smile,

even if it’s a moment,

I can feel time is a precious gift.

If I seek precious time for smile,

I will find a lot of happiness in daily life.

Real happiness might exist simple daily life.

(Thank you for Mercy!)


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo



The law of attraction/Meditation



I found this book in a bookstore.

I was attracted by “The law of attraction”.

I have heard “Meditation” before,

but I didn’t know exactly what’s the meaning.

Now I understand something important for my life by reading this book.

I’m on the way to my dream,

but I enjoy simple daily life more than before.

I owe many people what I am.

I want to write many good stories by knowing myself more.

That is my wish.

Having gratitude for all the things and seeking slight happiness every day,

I’m going to take step by step.


Japanese blog by Ray kamijo

Talk or Talk on and on



I talked with one of my friends through skype once a week .

She is living in America and helping me publishing ebooks,

so we often exchange our own ideas about my stories.

At the beginning, we just talk slowly and say silly things,

but in few minutes, we speak fast and laugh so often

because she is also a Japanese.

Our conversations are spoken in Japanese and English.

I like Japanese, so I feel at home to speak Japanese.

On the other hand, whenever I speak English,

 I can feel more energetic and talkative.

That’s why we might talk on and on.

Both language are very beautiful.

Japanese language is taking care of the courtesy.

On the other hand, I feel English has rationality and simplicity.

Both languages are very beautiful.

I want to keep on studying and really establish my own language world.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo



eBook/Amazon USA(16)/HEART to HEART [13]



HEART to HEART[13] Budgerigar

has published from Amazon USA.

This story is written in English and this is No.13. 

The story is about three budgerigars in a cage.

I tried to write simple English and easy to read for children.

Designer/Hazuki Kimura made this cover for eBook.

It is being published in Amazon USA and other countries now.

The story will be published soon in Japanese, too.


Writer’s diary/Home sweet home


The proverb says, “East or west, home is best”.

A hydrangea has bloomed near the gate of my house.

After it rains, it looks happy and joyful to get wet.

It’s been a long time until I could feel happy to stay home.

Now I think my home is best.

Once upon a time, I longed America and I went abroad to study English.

By experiencing outside world,

I learned the differences between America and Japan.

Thanks to these old days,

I realized many good things of both countries.

This hydrangea bloomed in a corner silently, but proudly.

We can find tiny blessings anywhere if we try to.

I want to make a smile for every blessing every day.