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The Beginning Of The Star(7)/English


About Mr. Triangle(2)



Mr. Triangle said :

“You and I will be best friends, because we have the same shapes.

The same appearance is essential.”

He tries to tell a fairy with seven colors about his feeling.

But the fairy doesn’t understand what he said.

Mr. Triangle thinks that it’s hard to make himself to be understood to others. 

If the world were only his, he would not have to worry about others.

He tried not to think of her but he cannot.

Mr. Triangle said:

“You have my white and black colors, so I’m a part of you.”

He is waiting for her answer.

He wants to know her real feeling about him.

He didn’t care his heart and others before,

but now he starts thinking other’s feeling to have a good partner.


(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

The works of Ray Kamijo



The beginning Of The Star(6)/English


About Mr. Diamond(2)


Mr. Diamond lives in a red abundant land.

He only takes care of himself and doesn’t care about other’s feelings.

There is one thing he really worries about every day.

When it is dark outside his body gets darker and darker.

He can’t go for a walk without carrying a lamp.

That’s why he was looking for the same shape as his with a lamp.

One day he met a diamond shape with seven colors.

She was so bright that he thought she would help him,

so he asks her to be friends with him.

“Would you be my friend?”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

“Sure,” she said.

He was excited to talk with her but her mind is different from him.

He starts thinking about her feelings.


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The works of Ray Kamijo

































HEART to HEART [2] Renewal!



HEART to HEART [2] の表紙画像が新しくなりました!


HEART to HEART 第2話は片目のブチと黒ネコの物語。









The beginning Of The Star(5)/English



About Mr. Circle(2)


“My name is Mr. Circle because my shape is round.”
He wonders where is the same shape as his.

He has continued to find the same shape for a long time.

He doesn’t want to stop looking for it.

Finally, he sees a circle with seven colors.

He wants to be friends with her.

But she doesn’t have a heart as his.

Even if they have the same shape, they don’t always have the same heart.

Having the same shape doesn’t mean having the same heart.”

(Quotation from e-book of  “The Beginning Of The Star”)

Each shapes has a different heart.

Heart has different feelings.

What does it mean “the same thing”?

By knowing different ideas and concepts,

we can be united all over the world.

Each lives begin to learn different ideas and decide which road to be taken.

Mr. Circle has still been looking for someone and he says,

” Where is the same shape like me?”

Finally, he finds very important things.


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The works of Ray Kamijo



The Beginning Of The Star (4)


About Mr.Square (1)


Square only wants to stand out more than others!

He lived along the seashore.

He didn’t want to share his favorite places with others.

But It’s different today.

She had the same shape as he and she looked beautiful.

“You have the same shape as mine, too.”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

He starts to talk to her.

He wants to be a friend with her,

but she is a little bit different from him even though she has the same sqare.

His curiosity to her  is gradually getting 
 bigger and bigger.


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The Beginning Of The Star (3)/English



About Mr. Triangle(1)


Mr. Triangle wants to show off himself.

He lives in the carve and he likes to stay all by himself.

He doesn’t like to let others in

He met the same shape like him.

He tries to talk to her.

But she said, “Don’t you have a heart?”

What’s that? All I can do is to look at by myself.”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

He starts to think about his heart and others.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo

The works of Ray kamijo



Amazon USA(15)/HEART to HEART [11]


HEART to HEART [11] has published from Amazon USA.

This is a story about Carp whose named “Marukichi” written in Japanese and English.

HEART to HEART has 108 stories.

This  is No.11.

There are so many creatures in the stories.

They are coming soon. 



eBook/Amazon USA(14)



The book, “Road”  is already published  by Amazon USA last January.

It includes 22 poems.

English poem has a lot of elements,

for example: rhyme, short words, and


I’m a Japanese, so it’s a challenge for me to epress my emotion in English poem.

But I think the wall of language is not as hard as the wall of heart.

I would like to write inspirational words that will penetrate to a person’s heart.

Every moment that I write a poem is a precious moment.

It makes me spread my wings and fly like a bird.

Little by little, the number of readers are increasing.

 I’ll never forget every appreciation from my readers.

It encourages me to write more wonderful English poems.


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The Beginning Of The Star (2)


About Mr.Diamond(1)


Mr. Diamond always thinks that it’s convenient for him to be friends with others.  

He lived in the farm that is covered with red soil.

He feels happy while saying, “This soil is mine!”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

One day, he met a seven colored fairy who has the same diamond shape.

Mr.Diamond is fascinated by her.

He asked her to be friends with him.

He wonders if he can get her heart.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo

The works of Ray Kamijo