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The Beginning Of The Star(4)




Square only wants to stand out more than others!

(From “The beginning Of The Star”)






“You have the same shape as mine, too.”



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The Beginning Of The Star(3)





Triangle only wants to show off.

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)










“Don’t you have a heart?”

「心って? 僕は自分のことで精一杯なんだ」

“What’s that?  All I can do is to look at by myself.”



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HEART to HEART [Vol.1-10]

This book is from Vol.1 to Vol.10.

Each story  includes the key to live a better life.

The stories are Flower, Cat, Reindeer, Raccoon dog,

Medaka, Sparrow, Crab, Dog, Pig, and  Crow.

HEART to HEART will continue until 108.

The number is meant  be the number of worldly desires.

The book is on sale in Amazon.


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HEART to HEART [Vol.10]

The crow named Nikko hates people.

Everyday she is trying  to take revenge.

What’s the thing in taking revenge?

The story shows us what life is.

Nikko appeared to be like a human being with a heart.

On this story we will question ourselves

whether revenge is the solution or forgiveness.

She will help us realize the importance of starting a new life.


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HEART to HEART [Vol.9]

This story is about B00-chan and his mother.

They lived with other pigs in the land.

When Boo-chan grew up, his mother knew that

his son is quite different from others.

They will try to overcome difficulties and

choose their own way.

This story is for children and adults.


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The Beginning Of The Star (2)



Mr. Diamond always thinks that it’s convenient for him to be friends with others.  

He lived in the farm that is covered with red soil.

He feels happy while saying, “This soil is mine!”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

One day, he met a seven colored fairy who has the same diamond shape.

Mr.Diamond is fascinated by her.

He asked her to be friends with him.

He wonders if he can get her heart.


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The Beginning Of The Star (1)

< 〇君の巻>①























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HEART to HEART [Vol.8]

There was an old man with his male dog living in a big house.

They were so close.

One day the old man passed away, so the dog, Chichi,

was in grief and was really depresed.

He remembered the last request of the old man.

He decided to fulfill this.

Chichi will show us the importance of fulfilling a dream

and loving someone.


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 HEART to HEART [Vol.7]

The name of the main character is Mon-chan.

He is always complaining about anything.

He doesn’t know why he can’t get any partner.

One day, he met a female crab and he tried  to get her heart.

This crab story will teach us the key to get something important.

So if you want something important, read this book and be inspired.


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HEART to HEART [Vol.6]

There are many kinds of birds flying in the sky.

One sparrow named Chun-chan loves to sing.

He is trying to keep company with others

but he is  different from them.

Surprisingly, he realized something.

This story is a  book not only for children but also for adults.

The book is on sale in Amazon.


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