Road/Another way



I walk along the road which it stopped raining.

Road is consisted of 20 short poems.

This one is written about life.

If one thinks deeply about what and who I am,

he might come to realize whch road is better for him.

I hope that each road will be abundant for each person.


ROAD/First way




This is the first volume consisting in 22 short poems.

This book was writen about daily’s notice of life.

Such as straight road, winding one,

there are many roads as well as people’s personalities.

I believe that any road will be shining ahead and also

will see a new way when you really know what you want.

Each road is waiting for you.

Each road tell me how important walk step by step.




Journey of Life/Gratitude



“Journey of Life” is composed of 11 original poems by Ray Kamijo.

These poems are written in both English and Japanese.

This book is approved as a text material in Belmont University and 

will be published with English versions  made by the students every year.

They tried to translate Japanese into English with their heart.

I want to convey gratitude for life and 

hope that readers will find some hints about life through this book.






Many hydrangeas were in full bloom this year, too.

Blue flowers are shining just like a blue sky.


When I read many books,

I can see good words and sentences.

Understanding each meaning deeply,

I try to make sure what authors want to convey their intentions.

If we discard some fixed thoughts,

we might find new world and spread something which I couldn’t have seen before.


It’s important to respect my own idea.

On the other hand, I should understand what people think.

When I can connect with others,

I feel alive and energetic much more just like flowers!


A New life/Experience of learning


Small flowers come into bud.

They have same colors and sprout at the same time.

They know the good time to put out together.

It will be soon to be in full bloom.


Just like flowers,

I’m working with some staff making a team.

They sometimes make me realize my weak points which I haven’t noticed before.


While I was 20′s and 30′s,

I tried to march forward without a stop,

but now they teach me how to stop and control to succeed some dreams.

Sharing with other thoughts,

I face to face my personality and essential qualities by working with them.


Time will come when something starts.

Until then I have to improve myself and understand

others’ minds and thoughts more than before.

Through many failures and mental conflict,

I found that every experience connects with learning of writing.



In Kyoto/Suzumushi Temple



It’s the gate of Suzumushi Temple in Kyoto

known as the God who presides over marriages.

There are thousands of bell crickets in 7 or 8 transparent boxes,

which are chirping through a year.





A Buddhist priest lectures visitors to the shrine for about 30 minutes.

When I listen to his lecture, I feel relieved and safe.

He urges the necessity of gratitude of daily life.

Big success and delight will start from a tiny one step.

I could realize simple life is the most important thing for a success.


The rainy season has come!

Ray Kamijo

A hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers.

After raining, it looks so happy.

Rainy season has come in Japan.

Before Summer, many flowers taste

rainy’s days and humidity.

People also prepare for this good season.

Time flies so fast.

While turning the pages of last rainy season,

I start writing this good moment.



HEART to HEART 15 is on sale!



HEART to HEART 15 has been published

from Amazon(日本語版海外紹介版).

Heart series are based on 108 stories

which is written about world desires.

Through animal’s way of thinking,

I hope that readers feel relieved and realize

how to overcome suffering and mental conflict.

Heart will be going on until Volume 108.


Chun-chan Sparrows!/Every morning’s notice


Three chubby Chun-chan came to the backyard of my house.

They are looking for some grains of rice and other feeds.

They must eat enough food because their bodies became so big.

However, they still seem to search for something to eat.

Every morning I see sparrows, I realize everything alive is living

according to their own way.

I want to keep opening my mind and positively accept anything that I see.

Chun-chan teaches me to learn many other’s way of thinking.




Light and Shade


The sun shines and leaves show green light color and shade.

Each leaf bends before the wind.

It looks as if it smiles for people walking under the trees.

Green color gives me some hints about life and

makes me think deeply about outside world.

We also have light and shade in our mind.

We measure things based on our own standards.

However, if we stick to our own ideas,

we might finally attract wrong results and many failures.

Our life will change by how much we can understand the reality.

Leaves shake slowly and calmly.

I hope that my life will do so.