Flow of Time 2/ベルモント大学共同作品(11短編詩集)

Flow of Time


Flow of Time 2がAmazonから発売されました。

この作品はFlow of Time 1に続く第2弾です。



Flow of Time 2

~ Poems from Heart by Ray Kamijo ~

Translated by Belmont University Students of 2014 and Dr. Naoko Ozaki

夢に向かって…Facing Dreams…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

豊かな心…Abundant Heart…Translated by Logan Snider

愛の本質…The True Nature of Love…Translated by Michelle Chowning

つながり(1)…Connectedness (1) …Translated by Clarke Carter

覚悟…Determination…Translated by Logan Halsey

展望…Prospects…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

発見…Discovery…Translated by Logan Snider

ひとりとは(1)… What It Means to Be Alone (1) …Translated by Clarke Carter

ひとりとは(2)…What It Means to Be Alone (2) …Translated by Michelle Chowning

ひとりとは(3)…What It Means to Be Alone (3) …Translated by Logan Halsey

富の本質…The True Essence of Wealth…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D. and Logan Halsey


Flow of Time/ベルモント大学共同作品(11短編詩集)

Flow of Time

Flow of TimeがAmazonから発売されました。




Flow of Time

~ Poems from Heart by Ray Kamijo ~

Translated by Belmont University Students of Fall 2013 and Dr. Naoko Ozaki

みなハート型…All in the Shape of a Heart …Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

信念…Belief …Translated by Logan Halsey

教訓…Teachings…Translated by Erin Turberville

方向転換…Changing Directions…Translated by Logan Halsey

心次第…Depending on the Heart…Translated by Erin Turberville

ほどほど…Just Enough…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

2つの道…Two Paths…Translated by Erin Turberville

気持ち次第…Depending on How You Feel…Translated by Logan Halsey

研磨の痛み…The Sting of Sandpaper…Translated by Erin Turberville

思いを込めて…To Exert Feelings …Translated by Logan Halsey

花とてんとう虫… A Flower and a Ladybug…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.








Writing poem lets me free from unhappiness.

What can I express through poetry?

I can find how to live comfortably by composing sentences.

The more plainly I speak, the more each word sparkles.

I just collect words one by one to be absorbed in the delight everyday.




HEART to HEART 13/Budgerigar




HEART to HEART 13 is about Budgerigar.

There were 3 birds in the same cage.

Two of them were close friends, but

the rest was alone.

What are their dream ?

What comes in the future for them?

HEART stories tell us what is important for us to live.


The Beginning Of The Star/Book for Children

The-Beginning-Of-The-Star (2)


The Beginning Of The Star is the first book for children.

This story is about life and personality.

Five shaped creatures show you many lessons about life.

Each one has its own world like people.

I hope that readers will be able to get some hints from this book.


Flowers’ spirit


The flowers bloomed along the road.

Every time the wind blows they swing together.

They say “Hello” to me.

Each life is enjoying the right moment.

Each personality also exists in its own way.

Like the beautiful flowers,

I want to keep respecting for the outside world.


With the imagination


Bathing in the sun,

a ferry is shining at the pier.

A few sailors are checking the inside of the ferry before start.

People who are to see off the ferry are coming little by little.

On the other side, crews finish preparing for start on a voyage.

They say good-bye to each other and promise to meet again.

I pray for a safe voyage.

The ferry slowly goes forward to the sea .

Soon it couldn’t be seen any more.

After people who saw off are leaving home.

I also turn my face to the ground and started walking

while expanding the sea of imagination in my heart.



Just like a bamboo



This is the picture of Chikurin in Kyoto.

The road is straight just like many bamboos.

There are some people far away off.

It’s a cool place, so I just could forget hot summer.


When we walk a straight road,

we can see things easily till the end of the path.

But  we cannot actually see what happens next to our life. 

We live our lives through turning long and winding roads.

However, I want to keep only my heart straight all the time.


Darkness and Light



There is a garden ahead of a floor.

It’s a floor in Tenryu Temple.

Nobody cannot enter inside of the temple,

so I just looked it from outside.

This picture makes a comparison between darkness and light.

Light stands out more with darkness.

The longer dark road is, the lighter the end of the road is.

It might be similar to our life.

Light and darkness always exist in our life.

When we face darkness with positive heart,

no darkness will come inside of our soul.



Color and Harmony


I found colorful flowers on the roadside.

They show us their own personalities.

Just like the sun,

they are shining with each passion.

We are also shining and growing like the flowers day by day.

Any color change our mind.

There are gentle, cool, passionate colors in the world.

Enjoying many colors, I feel grateful for everything.

Life is a journey just like color!