The Beginning Of A Star/A New Edition

“The Beginning Of The Star”/Light of personality



It was published in 2009.

Its theme is about a personality.

Each has his own light.

This book has started as a teaching material in

Belmont University in America since 2013.

The light of personality will shine through

the test of the time and many kinds of experiences.

Find your own world of your precious personality.

I’m sure that you will like yourself more than now.


The Beginning Of The Star/ Teaching material



The book has been published in 2007, and

it has also been renewed in 2009.

Now it has been used as a teaching material in a southern University in America.

American students try to translate Japanese into English in the Translation Class.

Six years have passed since it published.

It will be continuing as a series.

There are “Star” and other characters appearing, too.

This work is included both Japanese and English.

Inlaying  many spirits of language in the book,

this story keeps extending across the countries.








“The Beginning Of The Star” (「星のはじまり」英語版)







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The Beginning Of A Star (A New Edition)/「星のはじまり」




“The Beginning of the Star” takes you on a journey of five characters,

Circle, Triangle, Square, Diamond, and Star,

as they seek the true meaning of life.


Mr. Circle only focuses on the appearance of everything.

Mr. Triangle loves showing off what he has.

Mr. Square only wants to stand out more than others.

Mr. Diamond only makes friends when they are convenient to him.

Mr. Star is colorless and transparent, so no one can see where he is.



パブー出版(Puboo Edition)