The Beginning Of The Star/English

The Beginning Of The Star(18)/English

About Mr. Triangle(5)

Mr. Triangle said, “It’s a rainbow!”

When the fairy with seven colors came into the cave,

there was glittering all around.

“How beautiful you are!”

He was fascinated by her, so he could not stop talking.

“Please stay here with me. It’ll be better for you to stay with me forever.”

“What made you say that?” asked the fairy.

“If you want to get your territory, you should be next to me.

Don’t you think it’s a good idea?”

After hearing Mr. Triangle’s words,

she suddenly disappeared.

“Wait! Where were you going?”

Mr. Triangle had no idea why she was gone.


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The Behinning Of The Star(17)/English


About Mr. Circle(5)

“You are in the way! Get lost!”

Mr. Circle, Mr. Triangle, Mr. Square, and Mr. Diamond started the arguments.

When you hear something sad and bad, it might be hard to go step forward.

When you are suffering from sad thing, you might not sleep well.

When you feel happy, your life might be much more powerful.

Words are the spirit of language.

Bright words give you joyfulness.

Dark words make you slow down.

Mr. Star said to him,

“We are friends, aren’t we?”

Mr. Star tries to find harmony to make good relationship among them.


(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

The works of Ray Kamijo



The Beginning Of The Star(16)/English



About Mr. Square(4)

“I was tired of being with Mr. Diamond, because I have to obey him.”

Mr. Square started complaining about Mr. Diamond.

The fairy said to him quietly,

“If you have the same shape, you can’t learn anything from each other.”

His heart wandered much more.

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

The works of Ray Kamijo



The Beginning Of The Star(15)/English


About Mr. Diamond(4)


“I’m fine fine! 

But when it’s dark outside I’m not fine, because I don’t like darkness.”

Mr.Diamond needs someone to help me when it’s dark.

He is always thinking what is convenient for him.

He met a fairy with seven colors.

He said to her,

“You are such a convenient friend!”

The fairy asked him,

“You choose your friend because of convenience?”


He answered without a doubt.

 (From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

The works of Ray Kamijo



The Beginning Of The Star(14)/English


About Mr.Triangle(4)

Mr. Triangle has black and white colors.

Since it is of opposite colors,

he sometimes get confused to what he really is.

He doesn’t want to be proud, but he has to.

Because he keeps his mind by standing out his dignity.

He wonders which one is the real him.

What is his wish?

He doesn’t have any ideas right now.

Suddenly, a shining shimmering seven-colored fairy came into being.

He said to her, “Would you be my friend?”

The fairy didn’t say anything.

He asked her once again.

“I’ll see you again, won’t I?”

He kept on waiting for her answer for a while. 

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

The works of Ray Kamijo


The beginning Of The Star(13)/English


About Mr. Circle(4)

Mr.Circle said to a fairy,

“I don’t have any friends, so would you be my friend?”

He was waiting for her answer.

If she likes him, how wonderful he is.

If she likes me just like, how happy he is.

It’s difficult for understand other’s feeling.

So he tries to tell her about his feeling.

But she doesn’t know his mind.








“The Beginning Of The Star” (「星のはじまり」英語版)







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The beginning Of The Star(12)/English


About Mr.Square(3)


“I’m tired of being with Mr. Diamond,

so I think I want to keep company with you this time.”

Mr. Square tells a fairy whom he met at the beach.

But the fairy treats him coldly.

He said to her, “I want to be with you, because you bring out the best in me.

All I need is an outer appearance.”

He kept on talking for a while.

She said to him, “What values always involves heart.”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

He likes her very much, so his mind begins to wander.


The works of Ray Kamijo


The Beginning Of The Star(11)/English


About Mr. Triangle(3)


“There’s nothing that has the same shape as mine in this world.”

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

“There is nothing that has the same shape as mine in the world.”

There are many kinds of countries and people in the world.

When people gather one by one, they also bring many ideas.

Even if you cannot have your wish granted all by yourself,

there are many ways to come out well by some advices from others.

If you cannot get a good idea, then ask someone humbly.

 They will let you know the good ideas.

A fairy said to Mr. Triangle,

“Having a heart means being considerate of others.”

You will feel relieved a little bit when you realize everybody has a different heart.

If you don’t seek the same opinions to others,

you might put yourself in another place.

“I don’t understand what you are saying.”

Mr. Triangle starts thinking about her.


The works of Ray Kamijo

The Beginning Of The Star(10)/English


About Mr. Diamond(3)


Diamond only thinks about himself.

(From “The Beginning Of The Star”)

He lived in a big field.

He didn’t allow anyone to come into the field.

But it was different today.

He met a fairy with seven colors, so he thought she would help him a lot.

“Will you stay with me if you don’t mind?”

Mr. Diamond asked her to be friends with him,

but he cannot understand what she is thinking.

He starts opening his heart to get to know her.


The works of Ray Kamijo