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The Beginning Of The Star/Chapter 2




From The Begining Of The Star

Chapter 2

Circle was the hottest of all the shapes.

He had not the slightest intention of sharing his heat with others,

because he wanted it only for himself.

He thought that the value of things depended on

whether they looked nice or not.

He wouldn’t give his heart to anyone who was not shaped like a circle.



The Beginning of The Star/Chapter 1

The-Beginning-Of-The-Star (2)


Chapter 1

“Triangle, your words are wishy-washy.”

“We don’t have a good time communicating with each other.”

“A close resemblance will make our conversation more lively.”

Five shapes live in another world.

Different ideas and different shapes exist  in our world, too.

When we realize different minds and thoughts as each personality,

our world will spread more and have a comfortable chat with others.


The Beginning Of The Star/ 2 Years’s Anniversary

The-Beginning-Of-The-Star (2)


Two years have passed since

The Beginning Of The Star(eBook) has published on Amazon.

Thank you for reading this book.

I also thank readers who give kind-hearted messages to me.


This book was recommended as a teaching material in Translation Class

at Belmont University in America.

Now the English version of this book is being translated with

University’s students, a professor, and an author.


I hope that this book will connect with different countries.

I’m learning many expressions through native speakers every day.

I want to spread both Japanese and English stories all over the world

while improving my skill and understanding many ways of writing.


The Beginning Of The Star /Afterword

The Beginning Of The Star

【The Beginning Of The Star】


“The little Prince” was my inspiration for writing this story.

“The little Prince” taught me how important real love and bonds of affection are.

In this story the transparent star found its place by earnestly searching for it.

The reason he could make this trip was that he realized that

his role was to help others to learn to love.


Each person has his own personality.

This personality is a spacial gift which should be developed.

It is said to give up only because things do not go as you want them to and

you think you are worthless when you compare yourself with others.

There is something which only you can do but if you do not like yourself,

you can never open up your heart to others.


I hope this book will help you to lead your own life without trying to imitate others.

You can shine brighter than any star if you are truly happy.

This is the gift of “The little Prince”.

Begin by opening up your heart.

This should not be difficult to do.

Just breathe and start looking into your heart.

Finally, all children and everyone can make their own way in the world by developing

their personalities and taking pride in their work.


The Beginning Of The Star/Introduction



From “The Beginning Of The Star” by Ray Kamijo



It takes a long time for things to mature. This process is very noble and precious.

It is not easy to open your heart, but if you open it, the people around you will open theirs.

Each person who lives in this world exists to help someone else.

Even if someone hurts you in school or at a meeting and you are suffering because of this,

there is something waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Even if you feel that the tunnel is very long,

there is surely something important waiting for you that only you can do. 

You are a very important person.


“The Beginning Of The Star”/A Teaching material in USA

Paper book


The Beginning Of The star is now on sale on Amazon.

It is used as a teaching material in Moral Class and English Translation Class in America.

The story is about love and friendship.

We realize how important to understand the difference among ourselves.

It might be hard to know that you are quite different from others.

However, thanks to that,

you can accept your own life and live with your own style.

Life is wonderful!

Life gives us many hints to move forward.

I made my debut as a writer, Ray Kamijo.

This book is the starting point for me.


The Beginning Of The Star(1)/The origin of the spirit

This is the book, “The Beginning Of The Star”

which was being sold in Junkudo book stores.

Four years have passed since it was published.

Whenever I open the book,

I feel many different minds that I wrote it four years ago.

As one grows, he will change his own value and acquire more knowledge.

The way of writing will be also renewed by seeing through others.

I believe that the thought and mind

which form the basis of the person will never be changed.

Connecting one thing with others,

I wish that people will get delighted and feel happy more than before.

When I understand how much important people can smile,

I realized clearly what I should write and appreciated everything around me.

“The Beginning Of The Star” is the origin of my spirit.



The Beginning Of The Star(20)/English


About Mr. Square (5)


He said, “What’s the good thing about  learning from others?”

The fairy answered, “Each shape has his own shape.”

There is no shapes like you who think so deeply about things that can’t be seen.”

Mr. Square doesn’t understand what she is talking.

But he still wants to be with her.

He started his journey from the heart.


The works of Ray Kamijo 

e-book: The beginning Of The Star


The Beginning Of The Star(19)/English


About Mr. Diamond(5)


The fairy tells him about heart.

But he doesn’t understand what’s the meaning.

He said to her,

“What’s the big deal? 

There’s nothing to gain about thinking of others.”

She did not answer him.

He started thinking how he made friends with her.


The works of Ray Kamijo

 The beginning Of The Star