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Flow of Time 2/ベルモント大学共同作品(11短編詩集)

Flow of Time


Flow of Time 2がAmazonから発売されました。

この作品はFlow of Time 1に続く第2弾です。



Flow of Time 2

~ Poems from Heart by Ray Kamijo ~

Translated by Belmont University Students of 2014 and Dr. Naoko Ozaki

夢に向かって…Facing Dreams…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

豊かな心…Abundant Heart…Translated by Logan Snider

愛の本質…The True Nature of Love…Translated by Michelle Chowning

つながり(1)…Connectedness (1) …Translated by Clarke Carter

覚悟…Determination…Translated by Logan Halsey

展望…Prospects…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

発見…Discovery…Translated by Logan Snider

ひとりとは(1)… What It Means to Be Alone (1) …Translated by Clarke Carter

ひとりとは(2)…What It Means to Be Alone (2) …Translated by Michelle Chowning

ひとりとは(3)…What It Means to Be Alone (3) …Translated by Logan Halsey

富の本質…The True Essence of Wealth…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D. and Logan Halsey


Flow of Time/ベルモント大学共同作品(11短編詩集)

Flow of Time

Flow of TimeがAmazonから発売されました。




Flow of Time

~ Poems from Heart by Ray Kamijo ~

Translated by Belmont University Students of Fall 2013 and Dr. Naoko Ozaki

みなハート型…All in the Shape of a Heart …Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

信念…Belief …Translated by Logan Halsey

教訓…Teachings…Translated by Erin Turberville

方向転換…Changing Directions…Translated by Logan Halsey

心次第…Depending on the Heart…Translated by Erin Turberville

ほどほど…Just Enough…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.

2つの道…Two Paths…Translated by Erin Turberville

気持ち次第…Depending on How You Feel…Translated by Logan Halsey

研磨の痛み…The Sting of Sandpaper…Translated by Erin Turberville

思いを込めて…To Exert Feelings …Translated by Logan Halsey

花とてんとう虫… A Flower and a Ladybug…Translated by Naoko Ozaki, Ph.D.





eBook Amazon USA(21)/HEART to HEART 【14】

HEART to HEART [14]is the story

about two kinds of trees, Pine and Willow.

Willow is swaying besides Pine.

Pine never moves by an inch.

They have quite different ways of living,

so it’s hard to understand each other.

But one day they realized what’s the best for them.

HEART to HEART tells us what’s the good thing for life
through many creatures.

This story is also for both children and adults.

The theme is worldly desires, which includes

morality, philosophy, fable and ethics.

The story will be going on.


eBook Amazon USA(20)/HEART to HEART 【12】Rabbit

HEART to HEART (12) has published in Amazon USA.

This is a rabbit whose named Pyon-chan.

After getting through many difficulties,

Pyon-chan finally finds a new friend.

The story with warm-minded is not only for children, but also for adults.

HEART to HEART will be going on from now on. 


eBook/Amazon USA(19)/New way to publish



A year has passed since I started publishing in Amazon USA.

I had corrected and revised more than 50 to accomplish these works.

How can I reflect my works in Amazon USA?

It took me a few months to get answers.

There are many ways to publish through Sigil, PDF, ePUB,

but I had difficulty in making one story and

spent more than three hours to publish in Amazon USA.

 Finally one staff advised me for making works more clearly and precisely

“We can do it, but before that we have to abandon our old ideas right now.”

When one door is shut another is open.

A few months later,

We could upload more efficiently by using HTML.




If one sticks to something,

he will find it hard to see the outside world and

will be forced to stay in the small world.

Every door is opened for everyone.

Each door has many hints in front of us.

It’s up to our minds to see them or not.

The most important things is

whether we can listen to what others say.

Getting rid of preconceived ideas around us,

how can we share with others?

Every step will bond one by one and

people will be able to grow up with gratitude.

It might be better to take long hours for success.

I feel so from the bottom of my heart.

I have to face to face my weak points so as to get my goal.

The way towards my dream never ends,

but I’m so excited to walk with staff, not for myself every day.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo



eBook/Amazon USA(16)/HEART to HEART [13]



HEART to HEART[13] Budgerigar

has published from Amazon USA.

This story is written in English and this is No.13. 

The story is about three budgerigars in a cage.

I tried to write simple English and easy to read for children.

Designer/Hazuki Kimura made this cover for eBook.

It is being published in Amazon USA and other countries now.

The story will be published soon in Japanese, too.


Amazon USA(15)/HEART to HEART [11]


HEART to HEART [11] has published from Amazon USA.

This is a story about Carp whose named “Marukichi” written in Japanese and English.

HEART to HEART has 108 stories.

This  is No.11.

There are so many creatures in the stories.

They are coming soon. 



eBook/Amazon USA(14)



The book, “Road”  is already published  by Amazon USA last January.

It includes 22 poems.

English poem has a lot of elements,

for example: rhyme, short words, and


I’m a Japanese, so it’s a challenge for me to epress my emotion in English poem.

But I think the wall of language is not as hard as the wall of heart.

I would like to write inspirational words that will penetrate to a person’s heart.

Every moment that I write a poem is a precious moment.

It makes me spread my wings and fly like a bird.

Little by little, the number of readers are increasing.

 I’ll never forget every appreciation from my readers.

It encourages me to write more wonderful English poems.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo



eBook/Amazon USA(13)




What The Stars In The Sky Tell Us

was published for Amazon USA.

This ebook includes 5 poems,

“I could finally meet you”, “Looking for words of happiness”

“Gift”, “Following my dream”, and “An evil spirit”.


Designer, Hazuki Kimura, made this cover and

each book is being written by Ray Kamijo.

This book will be published soon in Puboo Edition

in Japan.

I will write the stories in both English and Japanese.


Japanese blog by Ray Kamijo



eBook/ Amazon USA⑫



HEART to HEART [Vol.1-10]

This book is from Vol.1 to Vol.10.

Each story  includes the key to live a better life.

The stories are Flower, Cat, Reindeer, Raccoon dog,

Medaka, Sparrow, Crab, Dog, Pig, and  Crow.

HEART to HEART will continue until 108.

The number is meant  be the number of worldly desires.

The book is on sale in Amazon.


English blog by Ray kamijo